We pride ourselves with offering a quality service to all our clients, but here are some other Perth based wedding service providers that we highly recommend.

Below are some of the contacts that we have made whose services we were impressed with, we hope they may be of assistance to you.

Make up:

Jana-Maree Makeup

ph: 0448 773 987

Facebook: Jana-Maree Beauty


Wedding Cars:

Belle Classic - John or Sue

ph: 0419 559 900 / 9279 9922


Justin O'Meara Smith

ph:0412 826 185


Highland Celebrations - Alastair Lyon

ph:0401 385 857


WOW Creations - Simone McKay

ph: 0407 361 6000



Wedding Singer :

Deb Edson

ph: 0439 974 086



Wedding Singer :

Tod Woodward - The Dinner Singer

ph: 0402 755 785




Hairdresser :

Peter Best - Creative Director

ph: 0414 559 574

Facebook: Best Head for Hair

 A photograph father holding his daughters arm before they walk down the aisle. Special moments between a bride and her father.

Every wedding is unique, let Warnock Imagery capture your story.

Moments in time: From eager preparations, the first steps down the aisle, the first kiss as husband and wife and the joyful celebration with family & friends, let our cameras preserve these precious moments to tell your unique story.

Contact Info

0422 187 590